Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Caring for the Skin Around Your Eyes

The first sign of ageing typically starts from the skin around the eyes, with it being the thinnest with fewer oil and water glands. The delicate skin is more prone to wrinkles and fine lines as we lose skin elasticity with age. Start caring for your skin and prevent early appearance of age.

1. Moisturise the skin around your eyes with an eye cream that contains Vitamin A to reduce appearance of fine lines and smoothen the contours.

2. Gently tap a pea-sized drop of eye cream around your eyes and massage in circular motion with the tip of your ring finger that exerts the least pressure on your skin.

3. Apply eye mask that enhances hydration and serum penetration for some intensive eye rejuvenation.

4. Be gentle and avoid rubbing when removing stubborn eye makeup. Rubbing causes your skin to stretch back and forth. Go for an eye makeup remover that can effectively dissolve the makeup.

5. Avoid squinting your eyes. This strains your eyes and causes creases around them, increasing the incidence of wrinkles. Wear shades when you are out in the sun or prescription spectacles if you need one.

6. Get enough rest and have adequate sleep. With lack of sleep, essential nutrients don’t get replenished and bad blood circulation under the delicate skin causes tiredness to be visibly shown.

7. Don’t smoke. Smoking causes premature ageing and the skin around your eyes is one of the first to reflect signs of ageing.

Following these easy tips in the long run ensures losing a few years off your looks and that your habits, however small they are, ultimately determine how you look.

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