Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Keep moisturised even after a long flight!

Being cooped up for hours in a dehydrating cabin can be a nightmare to your skin. Low humidity on the plane leads to dehydration. Hence, cleansing and hydration are the 2 most important guiding principles to look good even after a long distance flight. Follow these in-flight beauty tips and you are on your way to be a flying beauty.

1. Exfoliate and apply generous amount of moisturizer the night before you fly. Remember to apply moisturizing toner liberally throughout your flight. Go for gel-based moisturizer to avoid having your face looking oily.

2. Cleanse and remove all makeup before you board the plane. A full face of makeup in a low humidity airplane stresses your skin. If you have to, opt for a tinted moisturizer for a fresh and healthy look.

3. Take lots of water and fruits to stay hydrated in the dry cabin air.

4. Refresh your skin with a 20-minute sheet facial mask. Don’t take longer than that or moisture from your skin will be drained.

5. Apply lotion to your whole body every once in a while to avoid that insanely dry and scaly looking skin. The same goes for your lips. It’s best to go for an intense moisturizing lip balm. 

6. Before you nap on the plane, apply some super-rich night cream around your eyes to look fresher and more relaxed when you wake. For better effects, apply ice cubes in a napkin under your eyes.

7. Stick to cream makeup products and avoid powder based ones after flight. Use a mist of mineral water and a dab of moisturizer to refresh your makeup, instead of adding on more foundation.

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