Friday, 10 October 2014

Is your skin age older than your real age?

Our skin ages over time as it loses its firmness and elasticity. Although it is not possible to halt the aging process, there are ways to slow it down and maintain our youthful look for as long as we can.

1. Exfoliate twice a week before you go to sleep. Gently exfoliate with small circular motions to remove your accumulated dead skin and unclog your pores. This preps your skin for better absorption of post-cleansing skincare products.

2. Do not over cleanse your face so that it feels taut and tight. It strips your face off the essential moisture and oils that keep your skin healthy and balanced. While you need to remove impurities from your skin, cleansing your face twice daily would be ideal.

3. Apply a face lift mask that helps to firm and tone your skin. Cleanse your face and remove all traces of makeup, pat it dry before you put on the mask. This can be done once to twice a week.

4. Lather some night cream before sleep. It nourishes and repairs your skin overnight, locking the moisture in your skin so that you wake up looking fresh.

5. Apply sunscreen and reduce exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun that leads to premature skin ageing.

6. Keep your body hydrated by taking in lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as reducing your intake of sodium.

7. Include foods with plenty of Omega-3 fatty acid in your diet. It helps your skin to retain moisture and smoothen your wrinkles, enabling a healthy and youthful look.

By following these simple tips, don't be surprised the next time you meet your friends and are surprised, and ask you, "Why do you look younger?"

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